Monday, September 01, 2008


HERE we go again
BUT with the beat of a steel pan
REsounding off streets
and the souls of the repentful
PEOPLE who love life
and are kept alive through songs sung
WAY BEFORE the cotton seeds grew
between shackled feet
BAREFEET pounding the caged concrete
bacchanal WINE...AND YES bacchanal WHINE
JOUVERT all night long
morning time...wake up to FREEDOM

Sunday, June 29, 2008

like the grains of sand through an hourglass...

uncovering ruins
are not for me
as i realize the past
was last week
and the future
well the future
is in his passive smile
that im not supposed to notice
but choose to anyway
as he explores my mind
i exhaust all pathways to his
never tiring
or afraid of the skeletons
housed in the corners of his closet
i whip out some of mine
to help me dig my way further
on this journey
i am never alone
on this crusade for his heart
he cautiously guides me
with one hand holding mine
he cradles my heart with the other.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


i heard their stories before
weezing out
through the wind tunnels
escaping a jungle of steel and concrete
that hum broken
french sonnets about
waters that slowly drip
from broken coconuts stolen
from the plantations of the other man
no it is not quest to point the finger
but dammit i will
still beating and pounding
on my chest
the hum
as i told the sory
that i knew was never
true i boasted
about that crash
of waves that pounded against the army
of crabs as they drifted off so
did my sense of truth
weezing out
i coughed up my freedom
and handed it
to one of my follwers i
climbed mount sinai
in my head of course
i...the martyr
i...the planter that planted the seed
from which sprouted the rest
of my lies which will forever
from the broken nut onto
the broken drum so we
can continue to sing freedom
songs carried on by the space
framed winds bouncing
off the matured roots
of the city now
in the night
and asleep beneathe the moments
of sunlight i tried
to understand
and decipher the sunrise
but then that turned into more lies undefended
by the heat of our drums
molten beats pulsed
onto the city
yet and still weezing

Saturday, March 22, 2008

uh...heck yea

taught me
that i'm no good
but it feels too right
especially when i know i'm wrong
holding on to a pride
i stole and fought to keep
as i crawl out beneath squabbles
that were not mine
but i had fun starting
i choose to defend the foe
of my foe and befriend others
because there is no i in team
but i am damn sure not afraid
to jab, push and punch you out
oh yea...imma tough cookie
been one circa 1985 baby

Saturday, March 15, 2008

6 sec.

contesting thoughts
that just aren't mine
i start to hold breath
one mississippi...
two mississippi...
three...four missis...
i put up my hypothetical lighter
lawd knows i dont smoke...shit stinks
continuing on to wave my white flag in the air
there's no one there to hear
my surrender, half assed as it may be
i continue on
in the same spot
in that same frame of mine
i continue on
to quit
battling shadows
that again are not mine
and i continue on
to smite gods
that also do not have my trademark
pressed upon their spiritual asses
as i strive to realize
that all i have is my breath
and an ounce of air
to satisfy my urges
and oh yea it's been awhile
...five mississppi.
oh yeah i've got the feeling
...six mississppi
right on...right on
...where the hell is mississppi any way?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


sharpen shears
clip the wings
of now flightless birds
phone lines
and reconnect
on to busy signals
by the inhumane gesture of the hang up
as i lay hung in crosshairs
across places where
the limit is about yay high
and only takes up an arms length of the world
spun around 150 degrees
10 degrees off my center
unaligned with my wings
i take flight
but only across shallow water
and an eternity of cotton fields
feeling free from the wind
yet i glide
over undercover landmarks
marked by the pain
ending with the right to be human
instead of waiting in waters while singing in cages be

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

im LIVING for the LOVE of you

i want to do all the things i want to do
when the ticking clocks of all minds
stop and the tides of all oceans
rise and fall back way back
and in that moment of recession
each star in the 1am sky shine
its brightest
as all lovers in the world reach their height
tense muscles within tense bodies
start to twitch
and by this single time
this is the only movement in the world
except it goes unseen
because its in the heart heart...our hearts